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Accessibility Statement

Floa's commitment

The Floapay website is committed to ensuring the accessibility of its digital interfaces - websites, intranet, extranet, software packages, mobile applications, and digital urban furniture - in accordance with Article 47 of Law No. 2005-102 of February 11, 2005.

The goal is to make Floa's websites fully accessible, especially for people with disabilities, thereby reflecting Floa's commitment to inclusion and diversity.

In its initiative, Floa collaborates closely with Accessiway on the redesign of all its websites, to incorporate digital accessibility standards inherently into its web developments.

Compliance status

To date, the Floapay, website has not undergone a compliance audit and is default considered non-compliant. Therefore, no non-compliance or exemptions are listed below.
This declaration was established on 16/01/2024.

An audit leading to a new declaration will be conducted following developments, during the course of 2024. Subsequently, multi-year planning and annual action plans will be implemented.

Feedback and contact

If you are unable to access content or a service, you can contact the responsible person at Floapay, to be directed to an accessible alternative or to obtain the content in another form.

●  Send a message url of the online form;

Recourse Options

Use this procedure in the following case: You have reported an accessibility issue to the website manager that prevents you from accessing content or one of the services on the portal, and you have not received a satisfactory response.

● Write a message to the Rights Defender https://formulaire.defenseurdesdroits.fr/
● Contact the regional delegate of the Rights Defender https://www.defenseurdesdroits.fr/saisir/delegues
● Send a letter by mail (free, no postage required)

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