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FLOA at the core of digital and payment ecosystems

We collaborate with several CMS1, PSP2, Payment orchestrators, POS3 solutions, E-commerce platforms, Booking software, and other technology players to streamline the integration of FLOA payment solutions into the tools you are already using.


Our CMS1 modules are constantly improved to ensure they align with the evolving needs of merchants. To learn more, contact us here.


A leader in CMS1 in Europe and Latin America, PrestaShop provides a fully customizable e-commerce platform that is designed for business growth. More than 300,000 merchants use PrestaShop already.

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Gezy, part of Groupe Lundi Matin's LM E-commerce, is a scalable, connected e-commerce platform. It makes it easy to create and administer an e-commerce site, with a back-office that centralises all management tasks.

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Oxatis, part of Groupe Lundi Matin's LM E-commerce, is a platform for creating e-commerce sites. It allows you to create and manage content for your e-commerce business. Oxatis already has over 3,000 active e-commerce sites.

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Adobe Commerce

A major global player in the CMS1 arena, Magento is now known as Adobe Commerce. Through the use of AI4 and advanced data sharing features, it enables the creation of commerce experiences from a single, flexible, and scalable platform.

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WooCommerce is an e-commerce CMS1 created by WordPress. WooCommerce is a popular choice for integrating an e-commerce store into an existing WordPress showcase site.

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Shopware has a worldwide presence and offers a wide range of comprehensive e-commerce solutions. As visionaries in their sector, they advocate transparency and openness in all their products and processes.

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Shopify is an e-commerce platform in SaaS15 mode, built on a proprietary model, which enables individuals and businesses to create and run their own online stores, which are hosted for a monthly fee.

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We have partnerships with several PSP2 to make it easier for you to offer FLOA payment solutions to your customers.


Operating as a PSP2, Worldline is a global leader in payment and transaction security. Accept payments quickly, easily, and securely with Worldline.

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Monext is a French PSP2 that gives your payments an edge, offering its services to two sectors: Retail5 and Bank & Fintech6.

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Thunes is a PSP2 dedicated to building a global payment infrastructure for a better experience. Through API7 connectivity, your company and your customers can instantly send and receive payments worldwide.

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Verifone is an American PSP2 and the world leader in omnichannel payments. Verifone enables you to accept any type of card payment, in-store or online, securely and worldwide.

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A payment platform adapted to all sales channels, Computop specialises in omnichannel payment. Accept all kinds of payments from your customers and from anywhere in the world.

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Axepta is the PSP2 established by BNP Paribas for online merchants. This versatile solution is ideal for startups or businesses with higher transaction volumes.

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Payment orchestrator

We have partnerships with payment orchestrators, also known as unified payment platforms. They allow online merchants to consolidate all their PSP2 for real-time optimization of transaction flows through a single point.


Pürse is an international Payment orchestrator. Its SaaS platform provides a single integration for customising, optimising, and managing all payment processes.

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NORBr is an international Payment orchestrator. NORBr is an effective solution to streamline payment processes, reduce costs and increase conversion rates.

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ShareGroop is an omnichannel payment orchestrator that increases revenue by boosting ecommerce and in-store conversion rates, enabling the instant activation of new payment methods, and automating accounting reconciliation through a unified monetary flow.

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Thunes is a PSP2 dedicated to building a global payment infrastructure that offers a superior experience. Through API7 connectivity, your company and your customers can instantly send and receive payments worldwide.

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As the leading multi-lender point-of-sale platform, Lendismart connects you in real time with a network of financial institutions to offer your customers customised payment solutions.

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ProcessOut is a payment analysis and routing platform that enables businesses to support all payment methods. Transactions are automatically routed to the best payment service. ProcessOut has partnerships with more than 80 fraud and payment operators.

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Reservation software / GDS16

We collaborate with booking software providers, particularly in the tourism industry, to seamlessly integrate our FLOA payment solutions into your tools. This drives up conversion for high average baskets.


Orchestra is a specialised platform for the tourism sector, enabling comprehensive management of business activities across various channels. Orchestra provides unified real-time access to more than 220 integrated sources.

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Ctoutvert provides innovative solutions for digitalising commerce through e-commerce software tailored for the tourism sector, particularly for booking management.

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Part of the Sequoiasoft group, eSeason offers a software suite for camping professionals, enabling comprehensive management of outdoor hospitality activities.

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UATP is a global payment platform that simplifies payments in complex sectors. It makes it easy for businesses to make or accept any type of payment, opening up new markets, driving growth and reducing costs for merchants, sellers, agents, aggregators and more. UATP has decades of experience in shaping the payments landscape.

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Checkout software


Shifter is the certified checkout and stock management software for bike, scooter and motorbike shops and workshops. Using the Shifter management software, clients can offer payment in instalments, insurance and identification services, as well as the sale of bikes through long-term rental or lease-to-own.

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