A loan is a binding commitment and must be repaid. Please ensure that you are able to make the repayments before committing yourself.

Watch your revenue take off with FLOA !

Remove payment obstacles for your customers.

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  • Florent Mermet Bouvier, Cdiscount
    Florent Mermet-Bouvier Head of Sales, Cdiscount Cdiscount
    "70% of our customers use it"

    Payment in instalments is a key part of our commercial offering. Because accessibility is in our DNA, we offer our customers the option to pay for small baskets (€50 or more) and large baskets alike. This is especially true in the travel industry, where nearly 70% of our customers use it.

  • Maxime Gainnier
    Maxime Gainnier Marketing Manager SFR
    "Very smooth sales journey"

    One advantage of FLOA is the quality of the FLOA journey, which provides a streamlined sales journey. This is crucial for guaranteeing the best possible customer experience, all without changing the overall sales journey.

  • May Berthelot
    May Berthelot Reputation Manager Leboncoin
    "New customers"

    FLOA has enabled us to increase our average basket. Above all, FLOA has helped us recruit new customers for whom payment in instalments is extremely important and who would never have converted without this option.

Improve your KPIs


on your average basket*

x 2*

for your average basket during no-fee operations*


on your conversion rate, by reducing payment obstacles*

Recruit new customers

The methods of payment are the third criteria for choosing a brand**. Offering the option to pay in instalments can help you recruit up to 25% more new customers.


Strengthen customer loyalty

Boosting sales comes with taking care of existing customers to keep them coming back. 20% in repeat business with FLOA.


Reduce payment errors

No more annoying refused payments, for you or the customer. Our solution reduces payment errors by 5% to 7%!

from -5 to -7%*

Improve the attach rate

Integrating payment in instalments into your sales operations helps you achieve attach rates of between 25% and 60%.

from 25 to 60%*

How we have impacted our customers' business

Center parcs


most popular payment method


on the average basket


in the attach rate



most popular payment method


on the average basket


in the attach rate

Conversion rate improvement with buy now pay later solution

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