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A solution for all (online) merchants

FLOA offers payment solutions that can be integrated into all your payment solutions, whether via an e-commerce site, a brick-and-mortar shop, or call center

over 10,000 partners and points of sale

Online payment

Easy payments on your e-commerce sites and marketplaces

In-store payment

Enhanced buying experience both in brick-and-mortar shops and in your store networks

Payment by phone

Payment by phone New possibilities for your call centres

Small retailers and big companies

Our solutions adapt to all types of businesses, no matter the turnover, customer flow, or the number of points of sale. With our flexible products adapted to your needs, we are here to support you as you develop your business.

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FLOA Pay for small retailers and big companies

Small and large baskets

Did you know? In 63% of cases, payment in instalments is selected for purchases of under €500.*
FLOA supports your sales for small baskets starting at:


FLOA Pay for small and large baskets

For all sectors

Whatever your business sector, your customers want new payment solutions. FLOA helps you meet this need.


At a time when French people are setting off on holiday once again, payment in instalments is an opportunity to break down barriers and allow more people to enjoy previously inaccessible holiday destinations.


Buy Now Pay Later truly makes buying easier, and more and more consumers are using it in this sector.


In our daily lives, we carry cutting-edge technology around in our pockets, and payment in instalments has quickly grown in popularity among merchants seizing the opportunity to reach a wider market.


By giving your customers the option to pay for second-hand goods in several instalments, we are giving them easier access to existing, quality products. An easy solution to help them reduce their impact on the environment as well as their budget.

Sports & leisure

Whether for a family outing at the amusement park or a membership pass, payment in instalments has given many households the opportunity to enjoy such events more often. It is a real boon for customer loyalty.

Luxury goods

Buy offering their customers the option to pay in instalments, many brands have expanded their client base, all while effectively fighting against counterfeiting and direct resale.


From electric bikes to scooters, skates, and more... Concern for the environment and convenience have sparked the rapid rise in new mobility solutions, yet another industry in which split payments have improved access to goods.

FLOA Pay solution for all business sectors

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Center Parcs case study

No-fee payment in 4 instalments to relaunch holiday bookings post COVID.

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Pierre & Vacances case study

Make payment a high-point in the shopping experience and increase the average basket.

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