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Our technological ecosystem

FLOA surrounds itself with the most innovative companies to offer the best possible experience to merchants and customers.

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Our expert partners

Data management, User experience, journey optimisation, and even digital authentication. By collaborating with the leaders in each domain, FLOA has become an essential player in the FINTECH industry in just a few years.

Microsoft Azure

Azure—one of the global leaders, alongside AWS and GCP—is a Cloud platform that offers everything a company needs to virtually manage all its IT operations. FLOA has made it the cornerstone of its information system in order to meet the needs of innovation, security, flexibility and scalability.

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Content Square

Contentsquare is a customer experience analytics tool to help understand how users behave on websites and mobile apps. Using a tool and dashboards accessible to all, FLOA can independently identify opportunities to improve the UX or detect major points of friction.

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ThreatMetrix® is a solution offered by LexisNexis to help companies better manage their authentication processes by providing them with information on digital identity. It does this by drawing on data collected from billions and billions of transactions.

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A leader in online security, Pindrop provides customer authentication services and prevents fraud using voice. Their voice biometric and machine learning technologies enable them to secure numerous transactions and exchanges, whether completed on a smartphone or via a call centre.

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Snowflakes developed the first SaaS Data Cloud platform (Azure in the case of FLOA) to store and query data. FLOA has used Snowflake since 2019 for all its Data needs: Data Science, Data Analytics, Data Visualisation, Data Sharing, etc.

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Tableau is FLOA’s chosen Data Visualisation tool. Bought in mid 2019 by the software company Salesforce, it is one of the global market leaders. FLOA uses Tableau for internal processes (reports, analyses, self-BI, etc.) and for sharing data with partners or external suppliers.

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FLOA uses Dataiku to create its various predictive models for credit scores as well as for fraud detection, customer segmentation, and marketing scores. The tool enables users to generate website journey scores in real time as well as retrospective models automatically.

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Talend is a software company that specialises in data integration. FLOA uses Talend Data Fabric in the Cloud to retrieve data and send it to its Data platform. Talend is also used for various automatic data processing tasks and business purposes as well as for providing internal and external applications.

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Neo4J is the market’s leading graph database solution. This type of database helps improve the performance of processes such as recommendation engines or fraud detection, for which the connections between data must be identified and analysed quickly.

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Linkurious is a French company that enables users to visualise complex data found mainly in the Neo4J graph databases. It provides instant visualisations of potential fraud networks and allows FLOA to monitor our cybersecurity policy and visually identify dependencies between our various IT and DATA components.

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A company’s Data maturity is determined in part by its ability to document and govern its data. For this reason, FLOA has selected DataGalaxy as its Data Governance solution. DataGalaxy is a start-up which provides a Data Catalogue to reference all databases and data processes and uses.

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