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Easy-to-use solutions | UX

New customers

FLOA support

Increased sales

  • By offering our customers the option to pay in instalments, we increased the conversion rate, particularly for bigger baskets. We have also been able to increase our average basket.

    Easy-to-use solutions | UX

    Julien Habib Drouot

    Head of E-commerce and Customer Service, Go Sport EN

  • I wanted to highlight how great the FLOA teams are, both in the upstream phase—with their incredible responsiveness and support as we formed our partnership—and in the downstream phase, as we continue to build our partnership as smoothly as possible.

    FLOA support

    Maxime Gainnier

    Marketing Manager, SFR ENG

  • One major positive note is FLOA’s accessibility. Their teams are readily available and respond to their customers quickly.

    FLOA support

    May Berthelot

    Reputation & conterfeiting Manager, Vide dressing EN

  • Since we began offering these payments in 3 or 4 instalments, we have seen the target of potentially interested travellers expand, and we were able to do so while providing an extremely streamlined experience for the customer.

    Easy-to-use solutions | UX

    Benoit Panel

    President and Co-founder, Yescapa EN

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Discover how FLOA has impacted our customers!

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