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FLOA is a full subsidiary of BNP Paribas, the EU’s no. 1 bank.

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  • “70% of our customers use it”

    Payment in instalments is a key part of our commercial offering. Because accessibility is in our DNA, we offer our customers the option to pay for small baskets (€50 or more) in 4 instalments, just like with larger orders. This is especially true in the travel industry, where nearly 70% of our customers use it.

    Picture Florent Mermet Bouvier, cdiscount
    Florent Mermet-Bouvier Head of Sales cdiscount
  • “Very smooth sales journey”

    One advantage of FLOA Pay is the quality of the FLOA journey, which provides a streamlined sales journey. This is crucial for guaranteeing the best possible customer experience, all without changing the overall sales journey.

    c Maxime Gainnier, SFR
    Maxime Gainnier Marketing Manager SFR
  • “40% of our customers choose to pay in 3 or 4 instalments”

    Nearly 40% of our customers choose to pay for their purchases with CB4X in 3 to 4 instalments, and on some marketplaces, it’s as high as 75%. It really drives up the conversion rate.

    Frédéric Pilloud Picture
    Frédéric Pilloud Director of E-commerce Mister Fly
  • “Offer our customers an alternative”

    We implemented the CB4X payment in instalments to meet our customers’ expectations (flexible budgets, possibility to spread out payments) and to offer our customers an alternative in case the amount exceeds their bank card limit.

    Grégory Sion picture
    Grégory Sion Senior Vice President, digital, sales & innovation Pierre & Vacances
  • “Quick and easy”

    We already used the payment in 4 instalments, so implementing Pay in 10 was quick and easy. Thanks to Pay in 10, we have been able to reach a broader client base, and in particular younger consumers.

    Arnof Haddouk picture
    Arnof Haddouk CEO Velobecane
  • “An exceptional experience”

    In collaboration with FLOA Pay, we are able to make taking out credit an exceptional experience.

    Joan Burkovic picture
    Joan Burkoic CEO and Co-founder Bankin'

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  • E-commerce site

    Select from a wide range of payment options and get an answer instantly.

  • Brick-and-mortar shop

    Your customers can pay in instalments in store.

  • Call center

    Payment solutions are also available remotely for your call centres.

  • International

    A single split payment solution for all your European markets (France, Belgium, Spain, Italy and Portugal).

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Proximity and simplicity: Voted Customer Service Provider of the Year 2023 in the Payment Solutions category for the first year.

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Partner to the best fintech companies, creator of innovations like the mini-loan, 100% digital management.

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