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Published on 18/09/2023

How can you prevent customers from abandoning their baskets?

Basket abandonment is a real challenge for online merchants. At FLOA, we understand how this can be an issue! UX1, buying journeys and payment solutions are all factors that can contribute to basket abandonment. We’ve put together some advice to help you improve your conversion rate and boost your sales. Read on to find out all you need to know about how to minimise abandoned baskets. 

Abandoned shopping carts Abandoned shopping carts

What are the reasons behind abandoned baskets?

User experience and the buying journey

UX1 and the buying journey are critical to ensuring the success of your e-commerce website. There are a number of factors that might cause your customer to abandon their basket. For example:

  • Your menu is complicated and not intuitively designed

  • Navigating your website is too difficult

  • Your website contains too much information

  • Or, on the contrary, your website lacks transparency and clarity, for example regarding delivery information

  • The design of your website is not aesthetically pleasing or is outdated

  • There is too much information to fill out before your customers can complete their order

  • Your website does not include customer reviews

Your website’s technical aspects

Technical aspects can also result in customers abandoning their baskets, leading to a low conversion rate. Examples of these technical aspects are:

  • Pages take too long to load

  • Difficult to navigate from one page to another, for example, due to buttons that don’t work effectively, especially on mobile devices

  • Non-responsive webpage design2

  • Unwanted bugs

A lack of immediacy and fluidity will cause your visitors to become discouraged and leave your website.

Responsive site for multiple devices


The checkout3 process plays a fundamental role. Almost 70% of buyers abandon their basket4 before validating their purchase. Here are some of the reasons as to why this happens:

  • Customers have to create an account

  • The form takes too long to fill out

  • The process involves unexpected steps which may discourage the customer

  • The range of delivery options is too limited

  • Shipping costs are too high

  • There are not enough payment method options


How can you prevent customers from abandoning their baskets?

Fortunately, there are ways of solving all these problems! Here’s some advice on how to do this.

Optimise user experience and your customer’s buying journey

At FLOA, we are experts in user experience. In 2022, the FLOA customer experience was awarded the “GOOGLE UX Finance Benchmark”5 which recognises the best user experiences1. Below, you will find our tips on how to optimise your website’s UX1 and increase your conversion rate:

  • Install a simple and intuitive menu that allows for easy navigation

  • Make your content light, clear, dynamic and visual (images, videos and infographics)

  • Ensure your design is aesthetically pleasing and modern

  • Be transparent by providing information about delivery (costs and shipping options) and return and refund policies before your customer even places their order

  • Show customer reviews, for example by displaying the average rating for each product/service and inserting a link to the comments

The most important thing is to win the visitor’s trust. You want to pique their interest and make sure that they are excited about their purchase. Finally, you should also do all you can to ensure their experience and buying journey are as easy as possible.

Purchase route

Improve your website’s technical aspect

Improving the technical aspect of your website can help reduce basket abandonment. In order to do this, you must:

  • Ensure that your website is designed responsively2.This means that it can be accessed and easily read both on a computer screen and on tablets and smartphones.

  • Limit page loading times as much as possible. Avoid pages that are too heavy by opting for a simpler structure instead.

  • Be aware of potential bugs on your website by working with your IT6 team or with your e-commerce website service provider.

Improve website loading performance

Optimise your checkout3 experience

As the last step on a customer’s buying journey, the checkout3 process is also the most important. 20 % of customers abandon a full basket7. Optimising your checkout3 experience is therefore essential. Here’s how to do it!

  • Have an option to checkout as a guest to speed up the process. You can always prompt your customer to create an account at the end of the process, giving them access to free additional services (personalised offers, newsletter subscriptions, etc.)

  • Make sure your form can be filled out quickly and easily

  • Display the checkout process steps3

  • Offer different delivery solutions, ideally with at least one free option (e.g. delivery to a pick-up point)

  • Have several different payment method options, including card, Apple Pay, PayPal and Paylib

  • Provide financing solutions such as payment in instalments

Optimize checkout

FLOA: See how the French leader makes paying easy.

At FLOA, we are experts in payment solutions designed to help you improve your conversion rate. With options such as payment in instalments and Buy Now Pay Later solutions, we aim to make payment easier for your customers, allowing them to complete their purchase immediately.

FLOA makes payment in instalments easy! Our solution brings you a range of benefits:

  • We bear the risks of fraud and non-payment, offering you additional security

  • You receive full payment for the entire order within 48 hours

  • We use the 3D Secure system to ensure transactions are made securely

  • Our solution can be integrated onto your e-commerce website quickly and easily

  • This all helps to boost your conversion rate8!

In short, to prevent customers from abandoning their baskets on your website, you should pay special attention to:

  • UX1and the buying journey

  • Your website’s technical elements

  • The checkout3 process

Thanks to our payment in instalments solutions and UX expertise, we help online merchants to reduce abandoned baskets and increase their turnover. We provide a unique and intuitive experience which takes just a few seconds to get to grips with.

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