A loan is a binding commitment and must be repaid. Please ensure that you are able to make the repayments before committing yourself.


Our second-hand partners offer quality products in a wide range of categories. We are proud to work with them to provide Buy Now Pay Later solutions to their customers. 

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Easy Cash

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Easy Clash is an online selling platform featuring a wide selection of used, second-hand items. Thanks to our payment in 3 instalments(1), 10 instalments(2), and Pay Later(3) solutions, their customers can buy the items they want and manage their budget. Video games, mobile phones, appliances, and more. 

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Our partner Cash Express offers a wide range of second-hand products, with our payment in 3, 4(4) and 10(5) instalments and Pay Later(3) solutions.

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Logo Happy cash

Happy Cash

Our partner Happy Cash offers a range of exclusive products, with the option to pay in 3, 4(6) and 10(7) instalments.

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