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Support for Pierre et Vacances

Pierre et Vacances group has one goal: to reinvent tourism and become the leader in Europe. We provide them with daily support to help reach this goal with our solutions and business know-how.

Pierre & Vacances case study, payment in instalments Pierre & Vacances case study, payment in instalments
Payment in 4 instalments for Pierre & Vacances

Incorporating payment into the customer experience

Payment is a key part of the Pierre & Vacances offering. The payment method is one of the first pieces of information customers focus on; it is also one of the main stress points, making it an obstacle to purchase. Pierre & Vacances has thus concentrated its efforts on making the payment method more visible as soon as the user logs in to the website.

FLOA support

All throughout the partnership, the Pierre & Vacances teams benefited from personalised support from FLOA experts. Pierre & Vacances also integrated FLOA communication relays into its platform, which generate lots of traffic.

"+20% conversion rate"

We found in particular that when we put the mention CB4X in the cartridges, we gained up to +20% conversion

Anaïs Schumm

Anaïs Schumm

Head of Digital,

Pierre & Vacances

Result: boosted performance!


Attach rate


in the attach rate if payment has "no fees"


Average basket

Pierre & Vacances teams also observed:
+1 point in the attach rate when the payment method is promoted from the results page
15% of overall traffic was generated thanks to FLOA communciation relays
And for customers: experienced less stress when booking their holidays, and regarded the service as modern and streamlined!
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They integrated our solutions and love them.

Center Parcs

No-fee payment in 4 instalments to relaunch holiday bookings post COVID.

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Implementation of solutions adapted to the target, the products and the paths of each of the brands.

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