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Published on 18/03/2024

Reinventing customer relations in the digital era

Currently, 98%(1)(6) of businesses with over 20 employees are undergoing digital transformation. Customer relations are no exception to this trend. They, too, are undergoing a revolution. Artificial intelligence, chatbots, and instant messaging are entering the realm of customer service to meet the new expectations of hyper-connected consumers. The focus is on interactivity, immediacy, and personalisation. 


While some worry about the dehumanisation of customer relations, these innovations also offer exciting new prospects. More satisfied customers, more efficient teams, and higher-quality exchanges are on the agenda. Technology proves to be a valuable ally for companies committed to providing an optimal user experience. FLOA(2), with its expertise in digital customer relations, delves into this trend. 

Reinventing customer relations in the digital era Reinventing customer relations in the digital era

The demand for digitalization post-Covid-19

In an interview with La Tribune(3), Tony Chavatte, Director of Customer Relations and Experience at FLOA(2), discusses the unprecedented acceleration of digital transformation in companies prompted by the Covid-19 pandemic. According to a study by McKinsey, these past months have propelled society forward by 7 years in terms of technological advancements.


On the consumer front, their expectations have rapidly evolved due to successive lockdowns and ubiquitous connectivity. Now accustomed to instant responses, they demand brands to be available 24/7 on their preferred channels.


Faced with these shifting consumer behaviours, companies must thoroughly revamp their digital strategy and customer engagement approach. The stakes are high: adapt swiftly to deliver a seamless, omnichannel, and gratifying experience, or watch their reputation be seriously tarnished as negative reviews spread like wildfire on the Internet.


The demand for digitalization post-Covid-19

Key technologies driving customer relations

Chatbots have become central to many customer relations strategies. Capable of handling a large volume of requests simultaneously, these automated conversational tools address simple issues and reroute more complex inquiries to advisors. The result: a significant alleviation of traditional customer service congestion and satisfied customers.


Instant messaging platforms like WhatsApp or Messenger, along with social media, provide new preferred contact channels for customers. By allowing consumers to choose their preferred channel at any time, they contribute to the rise of omnichannel customer service, available 24/7.


We cannot overlook the advances in generative and emotional AI(4), which herald a promising future in this field, with Chat GPT leading the way. Fine analysis of emotions, more natural conversations, and highly personalised responses... These innovations are poised to further revolutionise customer relations in the years to come. 


Key technologies driving customer relations

What are the benefits for both businesses and customers?

From the customer's perspective, these new technologies significantly enhance service quality. Reduced processing times and instant responses: chatbots and other instant messaging platforms ensure swift service, available around the clock. Moreover, the advanced algorithms of AI(4) systems enable increasingly personalised responses. At FLOA(2), we understand the critical importance of customer relations, especially in the banking sector.


Businesses also reap rewards. Automating numerous tedious or repetitive tasks allows them to free up time for their teams. They can then focus on handling more complex customer requests or assignments with higher added value. Additionally, by collecting data on customer usage and journeys, companies gain a deep understanding of needs, facilitating operational optimisation. 


What are the benefits for both businesses and customers

Practical implementation at FLOA(2) | Delivering excellence in digital customer relations

At FLOA(2), a leading provider of Buy Now Pay Later solutions, these cutting-edge technologies are already in action, driving customer satisfaction. With over 4 million customer interactions annually, it's crucial to rely on reliable digital customer relationship tools while maintaining a high standard of service across all channels. In 2023, digital channels accounted for 65%(5) of FLOA's(2) customer interactions, a significant increase from just 25%(5) five years prior. Chat, Messenger, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and iMessage are now the preferred contact methods for customers, addressing their current needs effectively. FLOA(2) handles 100% of inquiries 24/7, ensuring unparalleled availability and responsiveness.


Smartphone, telephone, email, chat, social media, bots and AI(4): each channel has been meticulously crafted and analysed to cater to the diverse needs of customers at every stage of their journey, from discovery to contract signing and ongoing support. These technological advancements ensure swift and personalised interactions, resulting in heightened customer satisfaction. Coupled with predictive analysis of customer data, they have propelled FLOA(2) to win the Customer Service Provider of the Year award for 2024(5), marking the fourth consecutive year of recognition. This underscores that digital tools, far from dehumanising interactions, actually enhance relationship quality by enabling teams to focus on high-value customer requests.


Looking to enhance your customer experience and boost your conversion rate? Get in touch with us to discover our Buy Now Pay Later payment solution. 


Practical implementation at FLOA

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