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KANTAR study

Buy Now Pay Later solutions:

a budget management method adopted by Europeans*
Le paiement en Europe

The vast majority of Europeans use their card

for everyday purchases, shopping online, split expenses, Pay Later solutions, etc.

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Les facilités de paiement en Europe
Buy Now Pay Later solutions
have become common practice
dans les usages en Europe.
The accepted payment methods are
the 3rd criterion when choosing a brand,
after price and brand notoriety.
Payment is a deciding factor when choosing a brand
changer d'enseigne pour bénéficier de facilités de paiement
Buy Now Pay Later solutions now
provide a real competitive advantage.

To learn more, check out the complete infographic!

*Study conducted from 10 to 19 November 2021 by Kantar on over 4,000 participants representing populations in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium and Germany.