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Published on 29/08/2023

FLOA is growing its presence in Spain

The French leader in Buy Now Pay Later solutions, we simplify the way consumers shop. We are currently supporting hundreds of traditional and online merchants in France and Europe with growing their businesses. At the heart of it all is our expertise, reflected in the trust our partners have shown us, and an enhanced user experience for customers.


Kantar study1 carried out for FLOA in 2021 showed that the need for Buy Now Pay Later solutions was international, and particularly strong on the Spanish market. This is why we are developing our presence there, in order to satisfy Spanish businesses and customers. In this article we find out how we can best respond to the needs of Spanish users.

Floa in Spain Floa in Spain

Payment solution requirements in Spain

The Kantar1 x FLOA 2021 study shows that Spanish people appreciate having access to Buy Now Pay Later solutions. Almost one in three people use these solutions, with a distinct preference for payment in instalments.

They are even a deal-breaker for some users, with over 70% of people being prepared to change stores in order to have them.

Moreover, the payment experience is very important to them. 70% of Spaniards say that they are irritated and even very irritated when they:

  • have to download a mobile app to pay;
  • their payment solution is refused;
  • they have to fill in a form with their personal information in order to pay.

Thanks to our expertise in UX design and our pre-scoring system, we provide fluid and very simple customer experiences. This is a real advantage in meeting the expectations of Spanish people!

Payment solution requirements in Spain

FLOA is expanding its presence in Spain

Our goal of supporting Spanish businesses and online merchants has allowed us to develop our team and our services in the country.

The FLOA team in Spain

Our country manager2 , Miguel Cuesta Gonzalez has built a solid team for meeting the needs of Spanish businesses and customers. Miguel has twenty years of business development experience3 in the payments industry: PayPal, Elavon, Evo Payments, Ingenico, and First Data. He has joined our team to lead our international development, notably in Spain.

Current FLOA partners in Spain

Before even building our teams in Spain, we managed to acquire some great client references:

Our goal is to satisfy Spanish customers by providing them with solutions that meet their expectations: speed, fluidity, and simplicity.

FLOA is expanding its presence in Spain

FLOA, the experts in payment in instalments.

Our history and success show that we are leaders in the payment in instalments market.

The story of FLOA

FLOA represents many years of expertise in Buy Now Pay Later solutions. Our goal is to make life easier for customers. How? Thanks to solutions such as split payments, mini-credits, Pay Later, bank cards, and even insurance. Our experience and expertise ensure our leading position in France, and provide us with the key to developing internationally, notably in Europe.

FLOA’s successes

We are proud to support our partners in their various fields of activity:

  • general service providers
  • secondhand
  • tourism
  • sports
  • home and decoration
  • high-tech
  • motorcycle and auto
  • fashion.

Our history and our successes

FLOA’s split payment solution

What is FLOA’s payment in instalments solutions?

FLOA’s payment in instalments solution means being able to get your purchase right away and paying for it in instalments. Depending on the choice made by our partners, payments are made in 3 or 4 instalments. The cost of the purchase is thus divided into 3, 4 or more identical monthly payments, and is charged on the same date.

With the FLOA 3X and FLOA 4X solutions, it couldn’t be easier! You just need a VISA or MASTERCARD card. And that’s all!

The advantages of the FLOA solution

If you are a traditional or online merchant, our split payments solution is simple, fast and guaranteed:

  • guarantee against fraud and non-payments, which we take care of entirely;
  • solution available 24 hours a day;
  • full payment of orders guaranteed within 48 hours;
  • solutions available for all currencies;
  • secure payment: 3D Secure system;
  • increase in the average shopping basket and the conversion rate by almost 20%4.

Moreover, integrating the payment solution into your e-commerce site is quick and simple.

You can provide your customers with a unique experience:

  • mmediate agreement online;
  • no forms to fill out for FLOA 3X and FLOA 4X;
  • controlled cashflow;
  • automated refunds in case of cancelled orders.

FLOA’s split payment solution

To sum up

To summarise, our Kantar study1 of November 2021 showed a real need among Spanish people for Pay Later Solutions for their purchases. And our payment in instalments and Pay Later solutions allow us to meet those needs!

Our position as leader in the French market and our fluid user experience means we can fill this gap. Our various references in France and Spain attest to our expertise and the confidence our partners have in our solutions.

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