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Published on 08/02/2023

FLOA, Split Payment Experts Supporting the Tourism Industry

With split payments, we are helping our many partners in the travel and tourism industry to meet a real need on the part of consumers. Holidays and other trips can involve big budgets. Our Buy Now Pay Later solution makes it easier for people to realise their travel ambitions. If they want to pay for their plane ticket in instalments, they can with FLOA (subsidiary of BNP Paribas)! So, what does it involve? How does FLOA support the travel and tourism sector? What are the benefits? Here’s what you need to know!

FLOA, Split Payment Experts Supporting the Tourism Industry FLOA, Split Payment Experts Supporting the Tourism Industry

What is FLOA’s split payment?

At FLOA, we simplify purchases with split payment options. A leader in this market, we offer a solution suitable for all industries, all sizes of company and all sales channels:

● E-commerce sites & online marketplaces: the customer is given the option of paying for their purchase upfront or in instalments when they place the order.

● Shops: they have the possibility to opt for split payments in-store.

● Call centres: our Buy Now Pay Later Solutions are available over the phone for call centres.

Internationally: we offer split payment for European markets (France, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Belgium).

So, how does it work? The customer has the option to quickly and easily arrange to pay for their purchase in multiple monthly instalments. The payment is split into 3 to 4 monthly instalments, or even more, depending on the type of purchase and the solution chosen by the merchant. The amount debited from the customer’s account via their card is identical each month. It is debited on the same date to simplify their finances. This solution is only available for payments to our partners using Visa or Mastercard.

Split Payments for Merchants: A Simple Solution

For the merchant, whether bricks-and-mortar or online, the solution is fully digitalised and easy to get to grips with. The intuitive and user-friendly FLOA payment process is seamless and gives the customer a unique experience. It removes the barriers to expensive purchases, unlocking great potential for revenue growth. The option to pay in instalments really boosts orders, making it an ideal solution for increasing sales. What’s more, FLOA guarantees full payment. We take on the risk of any non-payment ourselves.

Split Payments for Merchants

Split Payments for Customers: A Practical Purchasing Process

For the customers, the main benefit is the simplification of their purchases. Split payment gives them access to products or services that they would have been unable or unwilling to buy otherwise. Whether it’s a holiday, an electric bike, a TV or another purchase, why wait until later for something you want to do or have now? The purchasing process is quick and simple, without any particular formalities for the FLOA 3X and FLOA 4X solutions. Only a bank card is needed to set them up. The customer then receives their payment schedule by email. This gives them complete transparency so they can keep track of their expenses. Split payment is a solution that meets current needs on the part of both merchants and customers. A real driver of sales, it optimises each basket by offering simplicity.

Split Payments for Customers

The Recovery of the Leisure and Tourism Sector

The tourism sector has seen some difficult years, with the pandemic having caused difficulties for some businesses. And the ever-rising inflation rate is not improving the situation. Despite all this, the European are not ready to give up their holidays and leisure activities. Quite the opposite, in fact! These are things they need. Going on holidays, travelling and enjoying themselves are all among their priorities. But it’s a fact that their budgets are getting increasingly tighter. That’s why they are looking for solutions that make their lives easier.

According to a study by Kantar* carried out for FLOA in 2021, more than half of European people have paid for travel or accommodation in instalments within the last twelve months. What’s more, they would be prepared to change to a different site to get this solution. Split payment is becoming an essential solution to offer them.

The travel sector has been able to bounce back despite difficult and uncertain times. At FLOA, we support all leisure and tourism businesses with our Travel offering.

FLOA’s Travel Offering

Our Travel offering has been designed specifically for the tourism industry to optimise merchants’ sales processes. As there is high demand for this solution amongst the sector’s customers, it was important to us to make this offering as practical as possible.

Here are some of the factors that make FLOA’s Travel offering stand out:

● A high acceptance rate thanks to a scoring system developed especially for the travel sector;

● A smooth and seamless customer experience, as simple as paying in one go;

● The management of overdue payments and fraud by FLOA;

● Financing possible regardless of departure date;

● A solution available for all products and all destinations.

Paying for your plane ticket in instalments is no problem with FLOA! Our experience in travel and tourism has enabled us to hone our expertise in this sector. Our solution is therefore fully optimised for all companies in the industry who want to grow their business.

Depending on our partners and what they choose for their customers, we offer the solutions FLOA 3X and FLOA 4X. For the most part, FLOA 3X and FLOA 4X are the most popular. They are the simplest in terms of formalities. Customers can access these solutions at the time of purchase without needing to fill out too much information.

The Advantages of Split Payments for the Tourism Sector

Offering split payment has a wealth of advantages for merchants in this industry:

● An average basket increase, since customers are prepared to spend more when they have this option;

● A decrease in basket abandonment;

● An 20%(1) increase in conversion rate, and therefore an increase in turnover;

● New customers;

● Increased customer loyalty;

● No need to worry about overdue payments, as these are managed by FLOA;

● A wide offering for customers, since it’s available for any dates and any trip;

● Simplicity on the administrative side thanks to the scoring system developed especially for the travel sector;

● Payment as soon as the customer request is approved;

● A simple process for the customer;

● FLOA’s award-winning user experience (UX) (UX Awards(2), CX Awards(3));

● Quick and simple integration into the merchant’s software or the online merchant’s payment platform.

There is particularly high demand for the option to pay for flights, accommodation and stays at campsites in instalments.
For customers, split payment is an opportunity to:

● Acquire products or services that they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to afford;

● Upgrade their accommodation or travel;

● Anticipate and manage their expenses;

●Make their purchase a reality.

Everyone wins. Why not reap the benefits for you and your customers?

Our story in the tourism sector began in 2015 with our groundbreaking partnership with MisterFly. We were the first financial establishment in France to offer payment in 3 or 4 instalments via a customer’s bank card. Since then, we have continued developing the FLOA Travel offering with other renowned partners who we are proud to support:

● E-commerce sites: CDiscount Voyages, Yescapa, Leclerc Voyages, Tourcom, CroisiEurope;

● Online marketplaces: VeePee Voyage;

●Campsites and holiday parks: SIBLU, camping.com and Ctouvert.

Through these partnerships, we contribute to growing the sales of these businesses and, therefore, their turnovers. With our solutions, it’s feasibility and simplicity of purchases that we offer their customers. They can book a plane ticket and pay in 3 or 4 instalments, for example.

We innovate for the benefit of customers who want to continue to treat themselves now and then despite difficult economic conditions. Our Buy Now Pay Later solution is just what they need to do that!

Want to find out more about our Buy Now Pay Later solutions? Our experts are on hand to answer all your questions. Contact us!

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