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Published on 19/09/2023

FLOA is expanding its presence in Belgium

For over twenty years, FLOA has been making life easier for French customers and businesses by simplifying payments. And thanks to the confidence shown by our partners, we are now the leader in instalment payments in France. With our expertise, along with the support of BNP Paribas, the leading bank in the euro zone, we are deploying our solutions and know-how in Belgium. Our goal is to help Belgian online merchants boost their sales and meet their customers’ new expectations. 

FLOA is expanding its presence in Belgium FLOA is expanding its presence in Belgium

What are European consumption habits?

According to a Kantar1 carried out in November 2021 for FLOA, three quarters of Europeans make at least one online purchase every month. And some 76% in Belgians make online purchases several times a week.

In this context, the payment stage is a major issue. A large majority of buyers are disappointed by the refusal of a payment method by a business. Payment solutions are becoming essential! 66% of online consumers want the option of payment solutions (payments in instalments, Buy Now Pay Later, etc.). Over half of Europeans are even prepared to change businesses in order to access this type of service, and it’s out of the question for them to download an app to finalise their purchases.

66% of online consumers want the option of payment solutions

Belgians’ expectations for payment solutions

So how are Belgians consuming online? Firstly, in European terms, Belgians are enthusiastic users of bank cards for their purchases. Over 80% of Belgians use their bank cards every day. So it’s essential for them to be able to pay for their online purchases by card.

Belgium is also the leading country in terms of Buy Now Pay Later solutions. Belgians are particularly keen on this payment solution, notably in order to be able to deal with unforeseen events.

And almost half of them are prepared to change stores for one that provides a split payment solution, again, according to our Kantar1 study.

Belgians’ expectations for payment solutions

FLOA is growing its presence in Belgium

In order to meet these expectations, we have opted to increase our presence in Belgium, where we place our expertise at the service of online merchants.

We are accelerating our development in order to become a trusted growth partner for you, Belgian online merchants. In order to achieve this, our teams are growing and structuring, in order to be closer to you.

Currently we’re supporting Air Belgium, Yescapa, Fitness Boutique, Ekoi, Camping and Co, and others. And tomorrow? Maybe it will be you!

Uur teams are growing and structuring, in order to be closer to you

FLOA, leader in payment solutions in France

Our position as leader in France allows us to provide a variety of solutions, such as payment in instalments or the Buy Now Pay Later solution that Belgians are so fond of. With FLOA, paying is simple. And this only has upsides for both you, as online merchants, as well as for your customers.

For you:

● essential security: guarantees against non-payment and against fraud, which we handle completely;
● solution available at all hours, 24 hours a day;
● full payment guaranteed within 48 hours;
● access to all currencies;
● security with the 3D Secure system;
● and above all, an increase in average shopping baskets2, conversion rates, and number of new customers.

Additionally, integrating the payment solution into your online merchant site or your store is quick and easy. Getting started is easy and takes only a couple of clicks.

For your customers:

● FLOA solutions are accessible to VISA and MASTERCARD bank card holders3;
● Quick online agreement;
● simplified forms (or even no forms, depending on the payment solution);
● automated refunds if orders are cancelled.

We are already proudly supporting hundreds of businesses in France. Our solutions meet your customers’ real expectations for how payments should be made. This is why we are continuing with our international expansion, notably in Europe.

FLOA, leader in payment solutions in France

To sum up

Online consumers make purchases regularly, and their expectations are evolving. Nowadays in Belgium, customers prefer Buy Now Pay Later solutions to payments in instalments, which they still also use.

To respond to these changes in consumer behaviours in Belgium, we are placing our expertise and know-how at your service. We help you increase your average shopping basket, your conversion rates, and your sales more generally. As a partner, we provide you with an easy solution for both you as an online merchant, as well as for your customers.

Want to find out more? We’re always happy to answer any questions.

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