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Published on 04/01/2023

FLOA’s New Travel Industry Partners

FLOA, the Bank for an Easier Life... and Easier Travel

We have been pioneers in Buy Now Pay Later solutions for tourism for a number of years and are passionate about providing payment solutions suited to this sector. We work with partners recognised for their quality and expertise. Want to find out more? Learn how we support the leisure and tourism industry with our Buy Now Pay Later solutions.

FLOA’s New Travel Industry Partners FLOA’s New Travel Industry Partners

Split Payments, Essential for Travel Lovers

Large numbers of consumers in France and across Europe pay for their holidays online. Providing them with services to make their lives easier meets very real expectations for feasibility, simplicity, instantaneousness and security. So, our solutions are a major benefit for everyone:


They benefit from the Buy Now Pay Later solutions. Travel is one of the top four categories of purchases most commonly paid for in instalments. With Buy Now Pay Later, the payment can be split up and paid according to different schedules, with 3, 4, 10, 12 or even more instalments! It is available online or in-store from our partner brands. And it can be used for payments of as little as €50. So, paying is no longer a problem; it's a solution!


They increase their conversion rate and, therefore, their turnover. In some cases, their conversion rate can increase by as much as 20%1. Being able to pay for your plane ticket in instalments is a tangible solution that moves the customer to action. For tour operators, it’s an opportunity to attract new customers and retain existing ones at the same time.

FLOA, a Pioneer in Split Payments for the Travel Industry

The taste for travelling remains intact. After a series of lockdowns, people are keener than ever to explore new horizons. FLOA didn’t wait for the pandemic and the desire for travel it sparked to make customers’ buying experience easier. We have been supporting the leisure and tourism industry for a number of years with the aim of making the sales process easier.

In this time, FLOA has developed extensive expertise in the leisure and tourism field. For example, in 2015, we became the first financial establishment to offer card payments in 4 instalments in partnership with MisterFly. Our different solutions are now aimed at all sellers in the travel industry, both bricks-and-mortar and online.

FLOA, a Pioneer in Split Payments for the Travel Industry

What makes our services stand out?

● A smooth and seamless customer experience, as simple as paying in one go!

● Fraud expertise

● Management of overdue payments

● Financing possible regardless of your customer’s departure date

A smooth and seamless customer experience,

We Have Forged Close Ties With a Whole Network of Partners

Mister Fly : The first partner we worked with to help people book holidays at attractive prices. MisterFly negotiates the best rates for its customers. And we support them with our Buy Now Pay Later solution.

CDiscount Voyages : With last-minute holidays and flash sales, CDiscount Voyages offer extremely attractive prices. We support them with split payments too.

Yescapa : At Yescapa, it’s all about road trips! Motorhomes, camper vans... Customers can choose the vehicle of their choice anywhere in Europe and pay the rental fee in instalments.

The Tourcom network :Tourcom offers a wide range of services for its customers. It’s the biggest network of travel agencies in Europe with over 6,000 points of sale. We support them with our 4X card payment solution.

Leclerc Voyages : Their drive to continually innovate and make their customers’ lives easier has led Leclerc Voyages to integrate the Buy Now Pay Later solution FLOAPay. By doing this, they are expanding their service offering for their customers.

CroisiEurope : This company provides river cruises in France and the rest of Europe. It has amazing destinations in terms of value for money. Our Buy Now Pay Later solution is helping many customers to enjoy a cruise.

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