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Published on 23/02/2024

Adoption of BNPL(1) in Italy | An emerging market for FLOA

As many as 31% of Italian consumers have already adopted BNPL(1). Although promising, this number remains below the European average. Nonetheless, this statistic highlights the potential growth of BNPL(1) in Italy, a key market for e-commerce. In this article, we show you in detail how we have transformed the payment and purchasing habits of Italian consumers. 

Adoption du BNPL<sup>(1)</sup> en Italie | Un marché émergent pour FLOA Adoption du BNPL<sup>(1)</sup> en Italie | Un marché émergent pour FLOA

The BNPL(1) market in Italy | Overview and potential

Italy is poised as a key player in the rise of BNPL(1) in Europe. According to the latest Kantar x FLOA(2) study, 31% of Italian consumers occasionally use BNPL(1) for their online purchases, still below the European average (43%). This leaves significant room for growth in this market, where online purchasing has increased dramatically. 


The BNPL<sup>(1)</sup> market in Italy | Overview and potential

Payment preferences in Italy

With regard to payment methods, Italians use credit or debit cards for the majority of their transactions: 65% use their cards online and 66% in store(2). PayPal also stands out as a popular choice for online payments, with 33% of consumers(2) opting to use it. In store, contactless payment via credit cards and mobile apps has become an increasingly popular choice. This confirms our suspicion that more modern and convenient payment solutions are gaining traction. 

Through their payment practices, however, Italian consumers have demonstrated some frustrations. A significant 79%(2) report feeling annoyed at having to download a mobile app to make a payment. By the same token, 76%(2) of consumers feel disgruntled when presented with a form requesting personal information in order to confirm an online payment. One point worth noting is that, in 87%(2) of cases, the most prominent source of frustration when shopping in store is a lack of alternative payment options such as Buy Now Pay Later (1). This shows a clear example of the need to make payment in 3 or 4 instalments more accessible. 


Payment preferences in Italy

Italians’ love for e-commerce

So, why does BNPL(1) have a bright future in Italy? First and foremost, BNPL(1) offers easy access in line with the needs of a population increasingly progressing towards e-commerce. Italy has the highest percentage of online shoppers in Europe (82% compared to 72% in France, for example)(1). In Italy, 71% of online purchases are related to travel and entertainment, followed by high-tech gear (48%), and household appliances (48%)(2).

Finally, Buy Now Pay Later responds to a growing need for alternative, flexible payment solutions. For many Italians, being able to buy right away and pay at a later time is a convenient way to manage their finances. It enables them to spread out costs over several monthly instalments, often for purchases below €500 (62% of cases)(2)

Italians’ love for e-commerce

FLOA | International development

BNPL(1) is completely transforming the purchasing habits of Italian consumers, influencing what products they buy and how often they buy them. BNPL(1) makes premium products more accessible. Having the option to spread out payments, consumers are encouraged to invest in more expensive purchases such as cutting-edge electronics or luxury holidays. Paying in instalments also influences impulsive purchases: it relieves doubts about the immediate cost and shifts consumers’ perception on the accessibility of products. They begin to open their minds to purchases that were once unattainable.

FLOA, a subsidiary of the BNP Paribas group, specialises in innovative payment solutions(2). As one of France’s leading providers of payment in 3 or 4 instalments, we want to take our expertise international. In Italy, 72%(2) of Italian BNPL(1) users are ready to switch brands to access these payment methods. FLOA is, therefore, ready to seize this opportunity to expand its clientele by offering payment solutions tailored to local preferences. This expansion into Italy is part of FLOA’s global strategy to strengthen its presence in Europe (like in Belgium or Spain) by positioning itself as a key player in innovative payment solutions on the European market.

Contact FLOA today and discover how our expertise can transform your customers’ buying experience and help your business grow. 


FLOA | International development

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